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AMELIA: This woman set lofty goals — and reached most of them

Is this the real Amelia or is it Hilary Swank?

Hilary Swank looks amazingly like Amelia Earhart. She sounds amazingly like Amelia Earhart. It’s a shame the movie isn’t more amazing. Amelia, the biopic that stars Swank (who also served as the movie’s executive producer), isn’t bad; in fact, it’s quite interesting. It’s just a little slow, especially when dealing with something as exciting as the early days of flight in the United States.

We loved to read as children, and we¬† loved to read biographies. Our favorite person in those days was Amelia Earhart. On one of our first trips to Washington, D.C., one of the exhibits in the Smithsonian’s American History museum featured a leather jacket worn by Earhart. We couldn’t hardly believe a woman as tiny as she could fly a plane into history. She did, and while she and her navigator, Fred Noonan, went down in the Pacific Ocean on her attempt to fly around the world, Amelia Earhart’s life did not end dismally. It ended doing what she loved.

Swank does a great job as Earhart. Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor also are respectable in their roles as Earhart’s love interests: Gere as her husband, G.A. Putnam (of publishing fame); McGregor as her lover, Gene Vidal (an Olympic athlete and father of author Gore Vidal). We were surprised to see Joe Anderson (most recently of The Crazies, as a pilot in the early part of the movie. Before last Friday, we didn’t even know who he was.

If you’re looking for a laid-back movie. Amelia will serve your purpose nicely. If you’re expecting action and adventure, choose something else.

Consensus: Three rolls of toilet paper out of five.

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