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‘Hornets Nest’ should offer more stings

Noomie Rapace is the only reason to watch/read the final installment in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium triology. From the badly injured, frightened woman at the beginning of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest to the mohawked, goth rebel at the end, Rapace is Lisbeth Salander, the genius computer hacker carrying around a grudge that weighs more than her frail body can carry.

By far the weakest of the three movies, Hornet’s Nest is filled with intrigue but not enough action to keep one’s interest for almost two and a half hours. It’s good; it just isn’t great.

Micke Spreitz, as the hulking Niedermann, is just as creepy as he was in The Girl Who Played With Fire, but it’s disappointing that viewers don’t get to see how he meets his end. He has been so evil through one and a half movies that it seems a bit of a cheat to just tell viewers that the biker gang has killed him. We wanted to see the biker gang kill him!

Since this movie is in Swedish, most American viewers must read it. During an action-filled movie, that isn’t a problem, but when the film is basically a quiet character study, eyelids can get pretty darn heavy.

Michael Nyqvist is as good as always as Blomkvist, the fearless journalist with a soft spot for Lisbeth.

The movie is a must-see/read for Larsson fans; just take a Mountain Dew or a double espresso with you.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Reel Sh!t team is going uptown. We now have a graphic to illustrate our ratings. Brown is sh!tty; white is unshi!tty. So, this one gets one roll of toilet paper out of five. Yes, that’s the buzz.


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  Kimberly Tabor Griffin wrote @

I have a hard time sitting through an hour and a half of most movies. I am not a big movie fan. I used to love going to movies, but I guess I have become more “uninterested” in most of what movies are about these days. It would have to be a really good film to keep my attention for two and a half hours. I would most likely fall asleep in all three of these movies. My husband and I watched 50 First Dates on Valentine’s Day, and that is more my style. I also love movies with a plot you have to figure out.

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