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New Releases: Inception & Shrek Forever After

Oh, the weather outside is chilly, it really ain’t that pretty, and since there’s nothing on the tube to pick, Rent a flick! Rent a flick! Rent a flick!  Might we suggest watching one of the following new releases on an icky day when you want nothing more than to stay inside where it’s nice and cozy?  Enjoy!

Inception – Christopher Nolan, the writer/director responsible for the psychological thriller Memento, creates a new masterpiece with Inception.  Don’t be fooled: This movie will mess with your cranium.  The basis for the film is simple: plant an idea in an individual’s subconscious (by entering through a dream), without recognition, and convince that individual to believe that the implanted idea is, in fact, real.  Yeah, it’s that confusing but worth the time.

Shrek Forever After – Shrek’s domesticated lifestyle is not what he imagined.  To mix things up, he makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin.  This deceitful character transports Shrek to an alternate dimension of Far Far Away.  This universe is anything but a fairytale.  Let the magic begin.

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