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EDGE OF DARKNESS – Don’t p!ss-off Mad Mel

Despite all of the negative media attention (which he deserves), Mel Gibson is a good actor.  Movies like Braveheart and What Women Want made Gibson a star, but it was his vile and foul language directed at ex-girlfriend Oksana that made him lose favor in the public’s eye.  Not a great thing for an actor.

Aside from the not-so-favorable publicity, Gibson gives a convincing performance in the crime-drama-thriller Edge of Darkness.  Remember, moviegoers, we are separating Gibson’s personal life from his professional life.  We are just analyzing his acting ability.  Please don’t hate us or make us pull a Mel by going all psycho on your a$$ just because we say good things about the guy’s acting.

Edge of Darkness is a compelling movie in which detective Craven, played by Gibson, witnesses his daughter’s death.  Craven is determined to track down his daughter’s murderers and make them pay.  But, along the course of the investigation, Craven discovers that his daughter withheld information pertaining to her occupation.  Apparently Northmoor, the corporation she had worked for, produced dirty nuclear weapons.  When it was discovered that she had been trying to leak the information to the public, Northmoor had her and her accomplices silenced.  Now, Craven will go after Northmoor and the corrupt politicians who allowed this illegal activity to transpire.  Never mess with daddy’s little girl!

SPECIAL NOTE: The Reel Sh!t team is going uptown. We now have a graphic to illustrate our ratings. Brown is sh!tty; white is unshi!tty. So, this one gets two and a half rolls of toilet paper out of five. Yeah, that’s a few brownie points for Gibson.


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