The Reel Sh!t

When it comes to movies, we cut the crap

The scoop on The Reel Sh!t

Welcome to The Reel Sh!t. When it comes to movies, we cut the crap.

We’re Joey (Bald Guy), Nicole (The Girl) and Veronica (V), and we’re having fun with movies. We see lots of movies, and we’re going to say something about the movies we see, whether we see them in the theater, on DVD, on a pay-per-view network or wherever. Sometimes we agree. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we fight. Sometimes we hug. Group hug!

Whatever we say, remember that the reason we go to movies is to have fun and be entertained. And to eat really expensive popcorn (layer the butter, please!).

Let us know what you think, about the movies, about our blog, about the meaning of life.

An explanation of the rating system: Our rating system is based on rolls of toilet paper. The crappy movies take more toilet paper than the really good ones. That’s logical: The more sh!t, the more paper. Zero rolls is our top rating; five rolls is our lowest.


  Daniel wrote @

Yeay! Another medium where I can read Joey! Sounds like a fun venture … looking forward to it. BTW, we need to have more Salon readings/get-togethers like last summer … I miss human interaction.

– D.

  The Reel Sh!t wrote @

From V: Daniel, we are going to have an event in July. Which Sundays are good for you?

  Daniel wrote @

Any of them! Sunday is my personal day, so I’m always free! .. some people have church, I have The Simpsons!

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